WORLD PRAYER ASSEMBLY 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia

This was a fantastic, historic, Assembly to be a part.  The last one was in 1984 hosted by Yonggi Cho of the largest church in the world located in Seoul, Korea.  This year they were the co-host as all the leaders sensed that Indonesia was the location that this was to be held.  there were various reasons for this which is much to long and detailed for this venue.

The theme was, and is, The New Wave.  Indeed, as I travel to the various nations I am beginning to see individuals, and local churches stepping up their intensity of prayer.  There seems to be a growing awareness that in the past “prayer” was only “talked” about being important; but, now, it seems, many are putting their words into action!  This conference, I believe, (with over 60 nations participating) will begin to ignite “fires” (prayer houses) all over the world as each will take back to their home countries a new zeal for prayer that will have a transforming effect on individuals, cities, regions, and nations!

In fact, may I suggest (after prayer and confirmation), that we begin to have our own mini Prayer Assemblies?  For example, my home town is a small community on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation called Kamiah.  I was thinking….why not have a KPA (Kamiah Prayer Assembly)?  Sure, it may start out small by just a few who desire to have a great move of God in their area….but never despise small beginnings!  Amen!  You could put your own community name in there.  Let us DO SOMETHING!  Why sit here until we die….as the lepers said in 2 Ki. 7.  If you are the one who has the desire to see your community turned upside down…then YOU begin to take action.  God will help you. Lean upon Him….but someone needs to step up to the plate with faith!  You may be the least in your community; but, like David, can you say, “Who is this uncircumcised (what ever you are facing…even fear) who defies the living God?”

Many of the Asian leaders I had not know, but there were some familiar names to me such as Dick Eastman, Goerge Otis Jr and Cindy Jacobs.  Overall, the Assembly was very good, and worth while going to it….especially since I was already in this part of the world.  allow me to share my final thoughts that I have posted on Facebook:

This is last night of the World Prayer Assembly at the International Studium, Jakarta, Indonesia. Pictured below is Yonggi Cho, senior leader, of the largest church in the World (450,000) in South Korea. It all began in about 1961 with 5people who knew how to pray….and pay the price for that type of prayer.
MY observation, in the Spirit and in Scripture, is that their are certain key ingredients to having true success as an individual, and as a local church (and it MUST start with the leaders setting the example): 1) A healthy reverent fear of the Lord, 2) A consistant daily fervent prayer and worship time, 3) a consistant daily meditation of and a great love for the word of God, and 4) ….which sets the tone for all the above….and that is learning and understanding that God’s (agape) love is the #1 thing that all Christians should seek fervently after.

See more photo’s by clicking on “Photos” above and navigate to World Prayer Assembly…..WPA-2012 Jakarta, Indonesia

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