Winding Down – Reving Up!

As we are winding down our trip to Asia, returning to US soil May 3rd, we are excited that the message of Christ and His highest priority for us is reverberating throughout the world as many are sensing big changes coming up with earth shaking, shifting events that lead us to believe Jesus is returning soon.

The central theme is GET LOVE: Let the love of God (agape) be shed abroad in our hearts. They will know we are His disciples in that we have agape for each other. Agape covers a multitude of sins (though not a license to sin). Agape is the number one thing; so first things first; second, third things will take care of themselves if we have first things first….His Agape. It is this agape that gives us His grace. Grace is not given so we can sin….grace is given so we have the ability NOT TO SIN! By His grace, through faith, we are saved from our sins!

Second, I see that He desires His church to not just talk about holiness and righteousness; but to truly begin to walk and participate with Jesus who has provided us with His holiness and righteousness….but we must take hold of it!

Third, as we His Church, begin to walk in the authority He has given us by participating with Him in 1 & 2 above, then the exploits of the church will exponentially increase; thus bringing glory to His name. His death, burial, and resurrection (which we will be celebrating soon) provided this for us. The early church experienced it as we read in the book of Acts. We can too! But we must have the same ingredients as they for this to happen.

Why did the works of Christ happen in His life? His disciples recognized these works were happening every time Jesus returned from either a “wilderness prayer”, or a “mountain top prayer”; then finally they had the courage to ask Him how they too could experience this power and do these works. He gave them their request beginning in Luke 11:1. Yes, the works of Christ must begin on our knees in prayer, honoring the Father (not clamoring Him about our earthly needs….but first, seek Him).

The early disciples carried this truth as we read in the book of Acts. They not only went to the room of prayer to receive that which was commanded and promised by Jesus (Acts 1 & 2); but also continued going to the this room during the hour of prayer that was set aside for the purpose (Acts 3 and on)…..PTL! This same pattern in our life today will give these same results as we continue to walk faithfully in the fear of the Lord.

Look what happened to Jesus for us…to accomplish His work on earth with His authority (Mt. 28:18-19):

Matthew 27

50 And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice, and yielded up His spirit. 51 Then, behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth quaked, and the rocks were split, 52 and the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised; 53 and coming out of the graves after His resurrection, they went into the holy city and appeared to many. 54 So when the centurion and those with him, who were guarding Jesus, saw the earthquake and the things that had happened, they feared greatly, saying, “Truly this was the Son of God!”

Every once of blood gone! Jesus is dead!

But look at the above verses a little closer. This was no ordinary death! This was a…….

  • veil tearing!
  • earth quaking!
  • rock splitting!
  • grave opening!

….death. But death could not hold Him! This was a POWERFUL death!……resulting in a POWERFUL RESURRECTION!


It is the same power that raised Christ from the dead that now dwells in us! We have work to do Church! Let us get on our knees and get busy! There is a war on….let us pick up the weapons of our warfare and move forward driving the enemy out…and take back our land, our country, our government! PTL! Amen!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all our friends in America, Costa Rica, Philippines, and Malaysia for all the support and prayers that you extended to Sarah and I. A BIG THANK YOU! We will be seeing some of you soon….PTL. It has been a long, but worth while, fruitful trip. You who have prayed are part of all that took place! THANK YOU AGAIN!

In His love, and ours,

Wayne & Sarah (from Baguio City, Philippines)

It is Friday morning, Feb. 18 here in Virac the Provincial Capital of the Island Province of Catanduanas, Philippines. It stands alone off the eastern shores of the mainland reached only by bus, ferry or plane. From Manila south along a difficult bus trip down the peninsula to the ferry port is a drooling 10 hours. From there it is another 3 1/2 hour ferry ride to the Port ofVirac. Needless to say, though the least expensive in pesos, it is not the way most Westerners venture to this very layed back Province. One of two airlines is the choice chosen by these missionary’s (Sarah and I) and others who can afford it. When we catch an airline special, which are many, we can get a round trip ticket for two at a total of $80. It can be as much as $120 each.
It is a bright sunny day here in Virac at 7:30 am. The night-time silence is broken only by a few motorcycles up late for what ever the reason; but the small city of about 50,000 is now very much alive with the noises of rushing Tricycles (125cc motorcycles with covered side cars) carrying students to their schools, and colleges, the working class to their their jobs, and others to wherever. Just outside from where I am typing, in the lobby of Marem Pension House, is a crowd of students on the street corner and the doors of their school. All dressed MODESTLY (they actually cover all their parts….isn’t that a novel idea to Americans) in common colors of white tops and green skirts for the girls and white shirts and nice pants for the boys. This the approach throughout the Philippines put forth by the Government as appropriate dress ( a dress code that we Americans USED TO HAVE…..and WOULD SERVE US WELL TO RETURN).
But what about THE LAST NIGHT?
First Sarah and I are glad that you were (and are) praying for us. It is certainly a major reason for the success of the Lord’s ministry while we are on the mission field.
As reported to you yesterday concerning the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit in the Wed. night service to the saving of six souls, and the in filling of the baptism in the Holy Spirit as experienced in the book of Acts, we are pleased to report His faithfulness once again for THE LAST NIGHT. Though He never does it the same way His powerful presence in last nights service is undeniable!
In this church called JESUS REVIVAL CHURCH with a thatched roof, supported by twisted and bent, hone down trees used as pillars, we could sense a real need for the “revival of hearts”. In order for the church of Jesus Christ to be effective they must be revived themselves first….in a sense “brought up from the dead” and the grave garments striped away with a renewed life….AMEN!
After praise and worship Sarah got up to deliver the word. Beginning by telling of her early childhood of living in an alcoholic home and her conversion to Christ after reading the “Cross And the Switchblade“, she began to instill within the people how much the Lord cares for them….and loves them deeply. This set the tone for what the Lord wanted to do in their lives that night. Sarah spoke for at least 45 minuets. After that much time I expected her to do the closing ministry; but all of a sudden she motioned to me that she was finished. This is when one needs to be ready for one of God’s “SUDDENLY’S…..amen?
Well, as Sarah was ministering, I was sensing the atmosphere of the Spirit and His workings. The Lord was preparing me for one of His suddenly’s: He gave me 1 Kings 19 where the “great, and powerful” man of God Elijah was running for his life from Jezebel! When I stood up to speak I started from this scripture of a previous strong man of God, who found himself in a moment of weakness…and running for his life. You see, his life was spent, his life was weak. In his weakness, alone in the wilderness is when the Lord came and gave him a dousing of His water from the Brook, and His bread to REVIVE Elijah.
This is a story of us, His Church. We are no different than Elijah…..we, too, need to be revived by the water of the Holy Spirit, and the Bread of Life….Jesus Christ (the Word). Be consistent and faithful to set yourself apart, at the feet of Jesus everyday…..and be REVIVED. We are not revived just to maintain our life, but rather we are revived in order that we can impact the Kingdom by bringing in lost souls that would otherwise parish into ever lasting hell. It is up to us! The question is will we do it?
As the people stood in closing, the power of the Holy Spirit took over…..being faithful to His word! The people raised there hands, began weeping before God….the Holy Spirit working uniquely within each life as required. During this time the Lord gave me a specific word for the pastor which later he testified about in Tagalog (which later was explained to us). The testimony he gave was about how much he felt like Elijah and needed to be revived and refreshed! ISN’T GOD AWESOME?
Just in a few hours we will be flying back to Manila and meeting our very good missionary friends Dave and Sandra Beebout on Saturday. We fly together to Malaysia on Feb. 22. Thank you again for praying for us.
In His love, and ours,
Wayne & Sarah

We are in Virac, Catanduanas, Philippine. This is about the end of the first part of the Philippine portion of the extended trip. Mar. 22 we leave for Malaysia for 5 weeks. We return to the Philippines for 5 more weeks beginning Mar.28. Returning home May 3. [map:,+Catanduanes,+Bicol,+Philippines&aq=&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=36.178967,79.013672&ie=UTF8&geocode=FfgyzwAdWJ1nBw&split=0&hq=&hnear=Virac,+Catanduanes,+Bicol,+Philippines&ll=13.603278,124.203186&spn=1.388126,2.469177&z=9 float=left]

Last night we went to a Full Gospel church (The Rock Family Church) with approx 45 souls (packed out).
I spoke on “More Laborers” in conjunction with the Martha’s and the Mary’s in the church today Luke 10:38-42). They both received Jesus into their “house”, but only Mary sat at is feet to be intimate with Him….the reason why there is more Martha’s than Mary’s (the few laborers, Lk 10:2). I also included the importance of being FILLED with the Holy Spirit inorder to have boldness and to be an effective witness for Christ.

At the end we invited those who had never accepted Jesus. Six souls came forward to receive Jesus. they had been invited by the members. PTL! After this we invited all who wished to have the free gift of the Biptism in the Holy Spirit to come forward. Approx’ly 25 came forward….after about an hour in which the Baptizer Jesus did a tremendous work filling about 3/4 of them full…very full! It was phenominal! I have video and photo’s of this. It was awesome to say the least. To God be the glory!

Tonight we go to the final church service (in another area) on this Island. We pray for more moving of the Holy Spirit.

Fri. (your Thur.) we return to Manila for a Sunday service before departing for Malaysia on Feb.22.

Thanks for the prayers. They do a lot of good.

We had a tremendous time during our stay here in the Cebu area. Actually we did no ministry in Cebu City. We traveled 3hours north by bus then another 1 1/2 hour ferry ride to Bantayan Island on the far north end of Cebu in the southern Philippines. We were there working with the Assembly of God (3 different Churches in three towns). Roger Diez, pastor and his wife Bebie, pastora were our host.

Sunday Feb. 6 was our first full day of ministry…..and full it was. We were in the home church of Roger and Bebie. The morning service was awesome worship team leading us into His presence. Can you believe they gave me an hour and a half…..and I took it…he, he. The subject was our “union” and “oneness” with the Father and His Son Jesus…..and how to stay there. Included in a portion of this message was out of Luke 10 concerning Mary and Martha (Marty and Martin for the men….I couldn’t be a respecter, right?). Anyway, it brought some laughter and kept it light hearted….also helped them to remember my point which the Lord had shown me for the first time on these scriptures. It must have worked; because after service we heard many during their chatting groups the word’s “Mary” and “Martha”. There were a lot of chuckles among them……an impact is what was desired. THE LORD IS GOOD…..HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER!

On this Sunday it did not stop there as the request was for me to do an afternoon seminar for about 40 of their leaders (it’s a fairly large church) with an “impartation” time after to individuals as the Spirit wills. The subject was THE TEN PILLARS OF CHARACTER. After about two hours we had the worship team come up. During worship the Lord would lead Sarah and I (one her, another time led me) to various individuals. We typically had a Word of Knowledge and for some a confirmational prophet word…and of course prayer for them. We had the pastor and his wife along with us for verification and judgment of all that took place. By God’s grace it all worked out well with many lives touched by the power of His love……and verified.

Monday the 7th we did an evening seminar on TEAM LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES. As it was a rural small church still with a dirt floor, six leaders came forward for special prayer and impartation……along with two other pastors that attended. Again the Lord’s grace and love was present to do a work in their lives.

Tuesday the 8th…yes, another evening seminar this time on BE FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. In this small AG church 20 (most all who were in attendance) came forward to receive this very special gift. Over a period of time, 35-45 min. a good share of them received. PTL.

WELL, we are back in Cebu City awaiting our Flight tomorrow morning (11th) back to Manila. Again, thank you for your prayers.

Hi there,

Everything went great on our trip……weather, luggage, flights being for the most part on time. We stayed with Lisha Monday night….Lori was over for dinner and said goodbye’s. Lisha took us to the airport at 5:45 am.

Leigh met us at the airport in Seattle where we went out to a quaint little breakfast place in Burian. We were gone for about three hours (just the three of us) before returning to SEA-TAC.

We arrived in Manila at 11:15pm Feb. 2nd (remember were are now 16 hours ahead of PST). We got to the Nativadad Guest House via taxi….got in bed by about 1 AM. Up now at 7 am having breakfast here at the Natividad. They have great food at very good prices….their homemade whole wheat bread (like my mother used to make) being what tops it off with their homemade pineapple jam! Yummie.

We will be going to the mall soon for me to get a haircut, renew our Asian cell phone sims card, and various other things I suspect.

Thursday we fly down to Cebu (SEE MAP). I things develop I’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

Bye for now….and thanks for the prayers and support

baptism-of-holy-spirit-alor-star-mar_-2010Sarah and I really appreciate your prayers. It really helps to have peple praying while we are here. The Lord is, indeed, moving by His Spirit.
Sunday was our first full day of ministry since arriving in the Philippines. We are on the Island of Bantayan, Cebu in one of only three major towns: Bantayan Town. We are working with an on fire, progressive church (AOG) where they have things working pretty good: Worship team, youth ministry, children, outreach, and missions. They also conduct the ministry of Compassion International on church grounds five days a week.


We had an awesome Sunday at this church. Sunday AM was their normal worship service. The message the Lord had for me to deliver was on Oneness With The Father….mixed into this was the prophetic for the church as the Lord (based upon their continued proactive fasting and prayer…as they are doing now) will send a large wave (I saw in my spirit an ocean wave) come over the Island.
Sunday afternoon we were teaching about 40 of their leaders on THE SIX PILLARS OF CHARACTER…..this was by their request. We had two hours to do this, PTL. Thought we were going to break for a couple of hours and then finish another session starting at 7:30 pm…….but they only wanted a 15 min break! What the Spirit led Sarah and I to do was to have the worship team come forward in order to create an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to minister as He will. We sensed that the Lord wanted a time of “IMPARTATION” to these leaders. So during that time of worship Sarah and I observed and waited for Holy Spirit to lead us to the ones to minister to. We made sure that the pastor and his wife were with us as we prayed and imparted the word of knowledge and other gifts of the Spirit as He willed. This went on for over an hour as the worship team continued. This was an awesome time with many tears….joy, confirmation, and repentance. GOD IS GOOD, INDEED!
So, you can see we had along first day of ministery. Now it is Monday morning as I am typing away. Later I will be making preparations for tonights message at another church in another town on the requested subject of TEAM LEADERSHIP. Tuesday night will again be at another church in another town on the requested subject of THE INFILLING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.
Wed. we will return to Cebu City awaiting our flight back to Manila on Friday. Thank you for your continued prayers.
Wayne & Sarah
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