The Viet Nam Journey

Encouraging VN leaders
Encouraging VN leaders

We arrived in Saigon Monday afternoon from Malaysia.  Though the process of going through customs there (2 hours) was less than desirable….and needless to say very inefficient.  After going to our hotel about an hours drive east and dropping some of things, we proceeded to some house churches, not for services, but rather to encourage the leaders.  We met with 12 leaders and families….prayed with them and had short exhortations from the word of God.  We did this in three locations.  At the end of this writing please take note of a might move of God in one of these house churches.

We drove 6 hours south into the Mekong Delta where we checked into a Hotel very late Tue. night.  The next day we had much prayer before going up rivers and canals to a village that we were told had a woman demon possessed.  We did not know what to expect but knew we had to be prayed up.  Below is a summary of that experience.    NOTE:  See more photo’s soon in Gallery under Vietnam.

We are back in Hotel now after a very long exhausting day.  Yes, this young married woman with two young children was (is?) possessed.  They literally had to carry her as she was resisting (and trying to bite) to the house we were at (her house).  Different ones in the group had various ideas they sensed the Lord was saying. I was impressed to get everyone out of the house (I asked the Lord for a specific sign if I was to do this….in the course of time it did….so I did).  I gave a loud shout for the familiar spirit to come out…she opened her eyes (she was keeping them closed and her hands over her ears).  Anyway, I kept praying (every way I knew how); then I sensed to pray the power of God’s love come over her.  These things seemed to loosen the grip over her, but not totally.  I called the others back in.  It was varified by Nancy Akin….and John to begin to not only pray the Fathers love ove her, but for John, myself, and other fathers to do that as well.  Nancy was sitting on the bed Indian style and had her lay back in her arms just loving on her (the woman was quite exhausted from the struggle).  After a long time (1 hr or so) she began to change her countenance.  One could literally she the change come over her face.  It wasn’t long before she was smiling and her children next to her….PTL.  With limited time, we gave some final instructions to her and her husband…and family members.  We were quite concerned because they were not strong Christians and walked in much unbelief.  They really need someone there fulltime for at least a year teaching them, etc. 

One of the big problems is that her parents took her to a witch doctor when she was younger…..need I go any further?

We left to go to another village.  We were gone for about 1-2 hrs and got word back that she began to show signs again.  At that point of course all we could do was pray…as we all should do for her.
It’s sad that we do not quite have a handle on all this yet like Jesus did and the early church;  but no matter what, we will continue the fight and keep learning from our experiences.  One day will not change this village.  The few “Christians” who are there are in need of MUCH teaching.  Pray that the Lord will lead someone to this area, and /or do a supernatural work among this people….all over Viet Nam.

We did have a BIG PRAISE THE LORD the day before (Tue.).  A pastors wife had a stroke 3 years ago and was bed and wheel chair  ridden during this whole time.  We prayed…then after a time the Spirit of the Lord rose up in me.  I went to the wheel chair and took her hands and said, “In the name of Jesus stand up!”  I assisted in her faith by lightly holding her hands and walked with her for awhile….soon she pushed our hands away and began shuffling her feet and walking on her own…..PTL!   She needs to continue to exercise physical/spiritual… she is being healed.  Now that is exciting!
    It is Thursday morning now as I am writing.  We leave our modest, but nice hotel after lunch.  Then we will take a bus further south then west toward Cambodia.  We’ll overnight somewhere….God only knows where.  It’ll be our last night in Viet Nam.  We proceed up a river crossing over into Cambodia on Fri.
    On a lighter note:  One of things we noticed that has been different than all the other countries is that there are more motorcycles than people.  In fact we even saw motor cycles WITHOUT  DRIVERS!  You heard it right….”without driver’s!”  The good news is that these motorcycles were not on the road….they were in shops ready to be sold.  I mean there were so many shops selling them I do not no how they can all make a living.  I was told there were over 5 million cycles on the road (maybe shops too!).  It seemed to us all 5M were around us too.  It was like ants crawling everywhere.  I’ll try to get some pictures up for you (but will not really do justice to the issue).
Thank you for your prayers…..for us, and Viet Nam!    ~Wayne & Sarah

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