IT is being reported that the homosexual community is boycotting the SALVATION ARMY by using various social networks (including Facebook), the media, and attempting to stop the annual ringing of the bell with the iconic red pots at the entry of major retail outlets.  NOTE THIS:  We, too, can use all the same means to stand up for our First Amendment rights to stand up for which this nation was founded….Bible based principles.  We need to let the WORLD know that our GOD through the LORD JESUS CHRIST LOVES ALL PEOPLE (especially sinners for whom He gave His live).  Though God so LOVED the WORLD (sinful people), AND gave His only Son Jesus Christ, He hates SIN!   So very plainly said, “God LOVES people, but He HATES sin!”

THAT IS WHY JESUS GAVE HIS LIFE…..that we may have our sins forgiven, and NOT REMAIN IN THEM.  SO, AS JERRY FALWELL once answered the question, “Does God hate homosexuals?”…..he appropriately said, “No. He LOVES all people, but He hates the SIN OF HOMOSEXUALITY.”  ALL WHO CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS….MUST become ACTIVE in this attack upon the SALVATION ARMY.  I give you permission to copy and paste this and send this to all your Facebook friends…..or any other means you may have.

Romans chapter one (Romans 1) will not go away just because a few make a big noise.  Let us BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION, AND SOUND THE ALARM ON HIS HOLY MOUNTAIN!

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