Many times throughout my Christian life, as know doubt with many of you, the thought of the difference between “religion” and “Christianity” has come to mind. Many, even “Christians”, do not know the difference. They interchange the two words at will. This Saturdays “Religious ” section in the Lewiston Morning Tribune got my “soap box” adrenaline moving again. Sorry guys I must reveals some “secrets” concerning this matter. Bits and pieces will appear on Facebook, but the full story will appear on this Home Page of our web site.  If you wish to know the difference between “religion” and TURE “Christianity” then you will want to visit us on a regular basis.

This very morning at the coffee shop in our home town of Kamiah, ID, which I visit most every morning at 6 am catching up on the latest news from the Tribune, I found myself looking at the “Religious” section.  Under the heading that they have each Saturday of “Religion Briefly” I observed the following main headings: “Lapwai church to hold bazaar-dinner Sunday”; “Holiday House Craft Fair today in Moscow”;  “Asotin church to hold luncheon on today”.  Every Saturday in this section we can find similar headings.

Now, allow me to qualify myself concerning these headings that we can read about around America in most every newspaper’s “Religious Section”.  In themselves (the headings) they mean well and intended to make a difference in their respective communities….and may, indeed, do something God only knows; so please do not write back and say I am some sort of a “basher”.  My only intention here is possibly awaken us to what we could….and probably should SEE and EXPERIENCE.

Please allow me to take you back to another time and another place.  The time is approximately AD 32-35.  The place is Jerusalem just after our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ got lifted up into the clouds, into heaven where He is sitting on the right hand side of Father God (Acts 1).  Now, let us assume that there was a morning, daily, news paper which we will call the Jerusalem Post (really original, uh?).

Now keeping in mind what we read in the AD 2011 newspapers above in the “Religion Briefly” section, let us imagine what would be written in the Jerusalem Post’s Saturdays addition of the “Christianity Briefly” section.  Just like here, in America today, each and every Saturday would be new headlines.

Here is a sample of what I believe the headlines would have been (in stark contrast to what we have today):  (1.) “Many people (120) appear to be drunk at 9 am; but it is reported that they were filled with the Holy Spirit”(Acts 2).   (2.) “Lame man walks again, leaping and jumping” (Acts 3).  (3.)  Peter and John (and filled with the Holy Spirit) accused by “religious” scholars of disturbing the peace [really their position and title]…but saw that they had been with Jesus” (Acts 4).

This is only a very small sampling of what true Christianity produced in the first century Church….and the headlines that would have appeared in AD 32-150, circa.

We’ll continue in our next blog posting of “RELIGION vs CHRISTIANITY”, Part II

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