Prayer Needed: Vietnam/Cambodia Trip


   This request is not for the faint hearted; but rather for those that are truly dedicated to intercessions of spiritual warfare.

   This morning 3/4 of the team, along with Weng Seng (Prayer Co-ordinator for the Wesley Methodist Church, Alor Setar) met in his home for a committed time of prayer and discernment of what we were going to be challenged with…(Eng Kor and Suan Bee were in Langkawi, and will
join us later).
   After the team leaders American/Vietnamese Tim and Julia Dang shared with us some of the history and issues of the culture, we began to get some strategy through prayer from the Holy Spirit.  Without going into specific detail and chronological events of the over 2 hour session this is what we arrived at as our prayer needs: 
1.  Prayer for the team’s wisdom and discernment.
2.  Prayer for safety, health, and welfare in order to accomplish the work (Vietnam and Cambodia).
3.  Governmental authority through Jesus Christ over the land.
4.  The coming together of Vietnamese church leadership in the spirit of love and unity…(at this 
     time there is great division).
5.  Spiritual Warfare targets of resistance over the land:
     a. The hierarchy of spirits:  The Warlord  “…a supreme military leader…authority by force...”  
         (1.)  His Lieutenants:  the Strongman (-men) “…one who leads or controls by force of will…”
     SCRIPTURE:  Mark 3:27    “No one can enter a strong man’s [mighty, violent, boisterous] house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds [fasten with chains] the strong man. And then he willplunder [spoil, to seize asunder] his house [the inmates, held captives in a house or dwelling].   

NOTE:  We realized that a war is never won with only one battle.  I sensed in the spirit and saw in my spirit demonic forces that were becoming confused as we entered the land.  I asked the Lord why?  He said it was because we were going in as CIA (Christians In Action), under cover (covert) as it were to create havoc among the evil forces of darkness.  This would require more than one covert operation (even as it does in real war), and that we were, (along with our prayer warriors (YOU!), to continue to activate the warring angelic host of heaven (even as Daniel did).  We must continue this until the the Warlord and his Strongmen loosen their grip….first upon the Church leaders (to come into unity); second, upon the Church in general, and third, upon the populace and the nation.  Again this will not happen overnight!  In a war, continued pressure must be applied to the enemy if he is to be weakened!  And we know this can be done because the weapons of our warfare are not carnal or natural, but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds!  Amen!  Together we can do it!  
WILL YOU JOIN US…Tim, Julia, John and Nancy, Eng Kor and Suan Bee, and Sarah and I on this JOINT VENTURE and covert operation into the dark spiritual jungles of southern Vietnam and Cambodia from Feb. 20 to Feb. 27?  Come on…be a CIA with us!


Wayne & Sarah, Alor Setar, northern Malaysia

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