Wow!   Tempus fugit….time does really fly (esp. when you are having so much fun sharing Christ to many different people of different cultures).

I apologize for this very late update. After arriving in the Philippines from Malaysia on Mar. 28 and meeting up with fellow Idaho church members Chris and Angela Riener in Manila we hit the road running…..with plane flights, taxis, jeepnee, and tricycle (motorized) rides….plus ministry times in between.  On top of all that WiFi hot spots were not always available.  Well, those are the true “excuses” for this late update.

So many things have happened in so many places since my last update (see below) that it would take a small book to report it in detail; so please allow me to give you the brief version.

Upon our arrival in Manila, we flew to the beautiful Provincial Island of Catanduanas SE of Manila.  Our four days there were very productive as we were able to be a part of encouraging four different churches; plus were able to meet with the leaders for more fellowship (relationship building), praying their needs and concerns.  We were well cared for by ptra Grace.  We were encouraged to see Jason and Irish Madel (also pastors) take a no compromise stand against some controlling “spirits” that were hindering the work of the Holy Spirit in kingdom growth….even though they would loose support (it really should not be about money…right?).

Though we always miss our friends when we leave, we left Catanduanas with gladness in our hearts and arriving back in Manila safely, on to the mountain city of Baguio on April 3.  Oh!  Just for the record…at this point we had to watch Chris very closely because last time he got around the mountain people he got hooked on “nayimas aso” (better known as “delicious dog”).  I know, I know, it is man’s best friend….but not in the mountains of the Philippines.  Well Chris had to taste (as I did also).  But I warned Chris…”only a taste,” as our system was not used to it.  Chris ate more….what can I say?  He got sick.  Well, that was two years ago.  I think he learned, because we did not see him eat aso (dog) this trip.

In ministry, all four of us were kept busy.  Chris and Angela were able to be stretched into new areas of ministry (in front of large groups of people) at Pastor’s Convention, and a Bible School in the mountains…plus in local churches on Sunday mornings while Sarah and I were at different churches.

Chris and Angela returned to Idaho on April 15.  Sarah left for Idaho on April 26 and now is enjoying some of our grandchildren in Moscow.

Though I no longer have my wife of 41 years with me, I do have a very large extended family of Filipino’s by building strong relationships over the last 24 years of coming here.

The Lord has truly blessed my stay here in the Philippines being able to minister in the following ways in various locations in central Luzon:  3 Bible Schools, 1 Bible School graduation, 2 Pastor’s conventions, 5 churches, and one pastor’s ordination service.  In an upcoming blog right here on this web site I want to share some more on a ministry I have very close ties….including being an advisor.

Philippines!  This 2012 version is about over having only one more Sunday service.  May 3, I leave for Manila.  May 4, I fly to Hanoi, North Vietnam where I will be meeting with a team coming from Malaysia.  That report will be forth coming.

Please see short reports on Facebook at “Whom Fortythree”.   New photo’s in the gallery of this web site also.  Thank all of you for your support and prayers.

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