Philippines: Arrival and Trip to Cebu

On our second day in Manila (actually first full day), and still getting over jet lag, we were venturing out onto the the very familiar streets of poverty just outside of our guest house Pension Natividad in the city of Malati part of greater Manila not far from the American Embassy and only two blocks from Manila Bay from which a ferry ride away is the now famous Corregidor, a small rocky island in the Philippines about 48 kilometers (30 miles) west of Manila strategically located at the entrance of Manila Bay.

While at the Natividad we met an American retired couple who pack their fold-up, 18 speed, bicycles, into suitcases and travel to Asia.  This year it is to northern Luzon for six weeks.  And that is not easy when you are 68 years old…did I say “old?”…I meant to say “young.” Though it may be challenging Jerry and Carol from Corvallis, Org. have chosen this method of adventure before they can no longer do it.  I commend them for this.

As for Sarah and I we get the great and awesome honor of serving our Lord Jesus….and still able to see the various nations He sends us to; but yet with a purpose: spreading the love God, and Jesus Christ….the only way to salvation and eternal life.

Our first assignment on this trip (see “Events Calendar” above) is to take the 1 hour flight to Cebu and Lapu Lapu Island where we landed at the International airport.  We thank the Lord for Sis. Jean as she knew a ptr Butch who had a car to fetch us and deliver us to our host family and pastor of the AG church in Minglanilla, Cebu.

The next morning Sat. he 14th we went to Living Faith Victory Church where we conducted an all morning leaders seminar on “The Leaders (Disciple’s) Prayer Life”.  I was told that this was a very timely and seldom mentioned topic at a Leaders Seminar even though it is the very most important aspect of an anointed leaders life!

Sunday morning we went to the AG church pastored by Edgar and his wife Mercy.  I spoke in the morning 1 John 2:15, and Luke 4:18.  God is seeking those who will separate themselves from the evils of this world through the video games, magazines, and movies they may be watching.  I was told by the leaders that, though a strong message, it was very much needed as a reminder that the Lord desires for His people to be holy people, a righteous people who do not partake of the things that the world does…..for we have ben bought with a price.  The true fear of the Lord has been lost within much of the church.  God is once again proclaiming through His chosen spokesmen to awaken the church from her slumber.

Sarah did an afternoon people service with the mothers of children who are part of the Compassionate International program that the church is doing.  They are teaching these mothers the way of the Lord.  About 18 mothers who were there came forward to further dedicate their lives to Jesus.

Also, we had the honor and pleasure of meeting a 27 year old American, Scott, interning with ptr Edgar for two full years. He senses  the call to missions.  We all had a great time of fellowship.

Please visit our Philippine 2012 Gallery and see more pictures of this phase of ministry.

Below is a photo of Wayne giving crackers to poverty stricken children on the streets of Manila.

Manila's povetry

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