Philippine/Malaysia Transition

  As I am sitting here at the table on the lanai of the third floor condo that has been provided for us by a Christian brother who does not live here I am observing the beauty of our surroundings and thinking of our how blessed we are to have such a place to stay during our 12 days here on beautiful Langkawi Island, Malaysia.

    It is a “U” shaped facility with a large pool in the center (see photo at left) with Kuah Town and the mountains in the background.

    Upon arrival, and after a 5 hour plane flight including a plane change, we were met by ptr Eng Kor and his 16 year son Brian at the Langkawi Airport at about 9 pm.  As it is never too late in Malaysia to have something to eat (eating late is a normal thing here) we went to one of many places in Kuah, and not only had a great food, but also a great time of fellowship (by that time Eng Kor’s wife, Suan Bee joined us).

    Finally by about midnight we laid our head to rest awakening at 6:30am on Tuesday.  It is now evening the same day as I am writing this.

    Let us for the moment take you back to the Philippines and update you on our Cavite portion of the last week of the three we spent on Phase One of the Philippine Mission (returning Mar. 28th).

    Cavite is a Province just south of Manila.  The town that ptr Alex is in is called Trece Matires (Thirteen Martyrs) which is about a two drive from where we stay in Malate, Manila not far from the American Embassy near Manila Bay.  This is the Bay that contains the famous WW II Island Corregidor.

    In Trece Matries (my forth trip) we stayed at Ocean’s Joy Resort (he, he).  Do not let the name allow you to think this is some kind of South Pacific Island Resort.  It would be a stretch to give it a 1-Star rating (however, they did give us what they called the “New Room” that was recently added).  It was clean and had a hot shower so we were not complaining one bit (even though I had to tell the staff three times in five days that we had run out of water….which took  a ½ hour to get enough to shower).

    We were walking distance to the town central where some cafes are and other stores of goods and services.  The walk to town, as it is always in the Philippines, presents very interesting sites and sounds: man not far off the street next to a bush relieving pressure on his bladder; then there is the putt-putt sounds of public transportation….the buses, the jeepnees, and hundreds of tricycles (a 155 cc Honda or other with a side car….which is a challenge for a 6ft 4in Americano to get in to);  and then there is the dry and wet market place.  Making forward progress (even on foot) can be a challenge as many vendors (who daily) erect there stalls on what they call the side walk which makes the walking traffic move to the already filled street of tricycles, and other vehicles slowly making their way through the mess.

    Oh!  I almost forgot to mention the meat market with rows and rows of table tops of a sundry fish and other meats….even pig heads hung up as though they were staring at you eyeball to eyeball.  Did I mention all the flies….and the smell?  You might want to forget that I did.

    After all that, which only took about 10 minuets, we arrived at a place where we can get breakfast and a good cup of brewed coffee.  Then the trip back the same way we came.

    But what about the ministry?  It was fantastic! First, Sarah was able to share her testimony at the Youth Service one night.  This really touched many lives as many had come from alcoholic homes…and/or dysfunctional in some way.  The next day I was able to speak to about 50 leaders at the Trece Matires Prayer Movement monthly service; then there came Sunday.  I spoke at both morning services with the first having 120+ and the second with at least 200 in attendance.  The Holy Spirit moved in special ways in both.  Later that afternoon Sarah was able to speak with about 100 children in an out reach program the ptr Alex the “Jesus The Great Light Community Church” does each week in a poor area of the city.

    Please go to the Gallery and click on “Philippines 2012” to see more photo’s.

     Sarah and I thank all of you for holding us up in prayer as we continue our 2012 version of sharing Jesus to the churches of Asia.

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