Mission: Thailand

Sarah and I are blessed to have you all praying for us while in Asia.  Though the (true) Christian community in Thailand is expanding and doing well, there is much work to be done (spiritual mostly, but also hands on), as there is much idol worship in these countries (literally “high places” with temples , etc. like one reads about in the Old Testament).

We arrived in Bangkok from Penang, Malaysia via a short two hour easy flight.  We remained in Bangkok for two nights.  While there we met with some local church leaders, participated in 5:30 am morning prayers and devotions, and also went to where a new church structure was ¾ finished but funds were running low; so we all gathered and prayed to our God…Jehovah Jirah!

We then took the one hour flight due north to Chiang Rai a small city that is the main hub for northern Thailand (being only 1 hours drive to the Burmese border). Upon arrival we immediately had a bite to eat because there was an upcoming 1+ hour drive even further north to the border town of Mae Salong.  Some of you had the opportunity to read my report on this trip where we were met with a clutch problem on a very steep grade; and to top it off with a very severe lightning storm.  By God’s grace all 10 of us arrived safely to the small but clean Hotel.

We spent two nights in this area.  While there Sarah was able to minister to about 200 children using a puppet story.  We all were blessed.  We also drove about to other village churches (some quite nice and thriving) to encourage the pastors and all who came to see us during each of the three short visits (all within about 5 hours).  I was really blessed to see how active the pastors were in reaching out to the community….along with building projects going on as well.  Their faith seems to be very big.  I was blessed to be able to tell them: Big faith, big results; Small faith, small results; and No Faith, No future!

Next, we traveled even further north to another border town called Mae Sai.  This is where we met our friends and fellow missionary’s from Idaho Terry and Linda Thompson.  After almost 11 years in the mountain area of the Lahu (Chinese) tribal people where they developed a four year training center, they are now in the city starting a smaller training center for the Burmese who find themselves crossing the border for a better life. Please be praying for them.

On our way back to Chiang Rai we were able to visit the famous Golden Triangle where three nations come together: Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar (Burma).  In Chiang Rai we visited two other churches.  They too were very active in ministry…not waiting for things to come to them, but rather aggressive, by faith, seizing the opportunities that lie ahead of them!

From Chiang Rai we flew back to Bangkok for one more night in Thailand, but not before Sarah and I and three others were interviewed on Christian Radio that was transmitted live throughout the Bangkok area.  Praise the Lord for the opportunity to share the gospel over the airwaves in such a large city!

Now we are back in Malaysia doing more ministry until Mar. 28th at which time we will fly to Manila, Philippines.  Immediately we will be met by fellow Idaho, Abundant Life Fellowship members Chris and Angela Riener.

Thank you for your support and prayers.  Please visit our website and photo gallery often as update/changes do occur.  Blessings to you all.

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