Yesterdays tomorrow is gone. We have arrived in Manila after nearly 17 hours of flying time….not to mention changed airports due to to fog; hence a car rental to Spokane. This also caused us to be nearly late on our connecting flt from Seattle to Seoul; then we could not immediately get to the Gate in Seoul because of all the other planes filling the spot. You guessed it….that made us close to late on the next flight to Manila. In Manila going thru Customs seemed extra slow. But through it all the Lord was good and we arrived safely, if not very tired…and jet lag, to our guest house Natividad in Malati, Manila. PTL!   MT. 28:19; Is 6:8


  1. God’s richest blessing on the stops, delays, and goes of your first leg of the missions trip. Know our prayers as well as the church will help carry you both on eagles wings throughout these four months of ministry to the saved and the lost.
    We are blessed here in Kamiah!

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