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Malaysia, as it was last year, was a time of many unknowns.  Of the five weeks we were there only several firm dates were scheduled for us.  The rest was left in the good hands of our Father.  Sarah and I are becoming accustomed to having those ‘God moment’s… fact we are rather enjoying them.  Though confirmed scheduling is good it is those moment’s that are not scheduled that many times produce amazing results.  It has also taught us to totally put our trust in the Master designer…..mapping our schedule according to His plans.  Space does not allow for an in depth, detailed report; but allow me to high light just a few.  This will give way to comments that we received from those attending the services.

Arriving, and overnighting in Penang for to nights beginning Feb. 22, we were fetched by our very good friend and pastor, Rowland Lee of the Parit Buntar Baptist Church.  Him and his wife Janet definitely went the extra mile in caring for Sarah and I.  We soooo appreciate them.  Several other host families also were excellent in their care for us.

Between the 14 services and several prayer hours (with one all night prayer time), plus personal visitations…..and travel to and from Betong, Thailand, we were kept quite busy.

I would like to give a brief testimony of our first Sunday service at the Parit Buntar Baptist Church.  The freedom of the Holy Spirit was quite evident in this church where the people are hungering for more.  It was during praise and worship that a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit came into our midst setting the atmosphere for the message that was to come.  Actually the Spirit of prophecy was among us and as I arose to deliver the message words began to flow that was not of me.  So much was this the case that several arose from their seats and came forward and dropped money into the container for the new building.  Though it was not even part of my message the Spirit of the Lord moved upon the hearts to come….even as I was speaking on a different subject.  In all the years of ministry, I have never experienced such a phenomena.  At the close of the service the Spirit of prophecy began to speak to several individuals….confirmed by the individual or by witnesses that were present.  It was certainly a ‘God thing’ that only He could have orchestrated.

As Sarah and I have grown together, we are experiencing these types of services on a more regular basis….praise to His Holy name!

Here is a sample comment by one church pastor relating to the services in his own unedited wording (see and read more at

Dear bro.Wayne and sis.Sarah, thanks for your mail and glad to know both of you are safely in the Phillipines. We were really blessed by your ministry to all of us while here in Langkawi, SP, Kulim, Prai,  the Mainland Pastors Fellowship and others too.

We will uphold you all in our prayers and TQ for upholding us too. May His presence continually surround you and Sarah as you minister in Baguio City area. I am sure the good people there will be richly blessed and touched as you minister in His Name and anointing. Also may your chillis and peppers keep you fiery and warm spiritually and physically ha- ha.

Take care and God bless.


Ps.Kenny n Irene.

Again, I want to thank you for all the prayer and financial support to this ministry.

I will soon be giving another report on our present stay in the Philippines

(Mar. 28 – May 2).

In His love , and ours,

Wayne & Sarah

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