Langkawi Island, Malaysia

This is a beautiful Island in the far northwestern part of Malaysia next to the Thai boarder (see google maps for more info).  This is about our 12th trip here…..a trip we do not get tired of as the ministry here is well received and the beauty is awesome (Sarah would add that seeing the monkey’s is nice too…..though the locals would like to see them go away).

We arrived here Jan. 30 (please refer to our Events Calendar for day-to-day activities).  We are blessed to be able to stay at a condo of a Christian brother.  You can see the pool below in our last report.  Though we have it real nice while here, there is much ministry opportunities…..and not just pulpit ministry of several types (e.g. the Thai service, Bahasa service, and English service); but also there is the Christian school chapel service, and the kindergarten “service” with Bible stories.  We spent one full day at a brothers house with a large yard where we conducted a “Family Outing” seminar.  This was not a formal time, but rather a time of interaction along with teaching and life’s experiences.  It was an exciting time for all….along with the good food we had at “Fat Mums” cafe (sorry, I didn’t choose the name…hehe).  The part that Sarah and I like the most is all the small prayer groups that we were able to attend.  After a short time of worship…it is prayer time as the Spirit wills:  WOW! prayers of various types, including word of knowledge, prophetic, etc..  It is wonderful to be around people who are dedicated to prayer as we are on our travels away from home. Of course, as people who know me knows full well, I rarely turn down the opportunity to minister the Word of God which I do several times a week during the whole four months that we are gone.  Sarah, too, has gotten several times to minister to groups: adults, women, young people, and children.  Busy? Yes!  But when it is one’s calling it becomes a great joy!

On Feb. 12, we boarded a passenger ferry at 7:30am and left Langkawi for the mainland.  After an hours ride we arrived at Kuala Perlis where we (ptr Eng Kor, John and Nancy Akin from Moscow Idaho, and Sarah and I) were met by ptr Lennard of the AOG church in the town of Kangar very near the Thai boarder.  Our service there from 9:30 to 11:30am went very well with a very good meal afterwards put on by the church members….we are blessed, indeed.

The pastor who lives in Alor Setar drove us to this, our next destination.  It was a short 45 min. drive to the home of Tim and Julia Dang where we had a team briefing concerning our Vietnam trip beginning Feb. 20th.  I’ll speak of them and the trip in a later blog.

We are once again staying (for the third year) at Brother Weng Seng’s home.  He is the Prayer Co-ordinator for the Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar (WMCAS).  We have ministered in this church several times, and will do so again on the 19th; however, this Sunday night the 12th, we were able to relax and join in with their worship and the message.

Today, Monday the 13th during the day we have off: personal devotions, prayer, internet catching up, and web cam  with grand children.  We also had an awesome Vietnamese meal with and prepared by Tim and Julia (American/Vietnamese refugees of the ’80’s).  See the photo above.  Please do visit our Picture Gallery above to see more.

Be blessed my friends!  And we thank all of you who support and prayer for us.


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