HMONG TRIBE, Ta Van, Sa Pa, Vietnam

Hello from North Vietnam.  I flew in to Hanoi with a team put together by Harvest Field Tours ran by Tim and Julia Dang.  This is a Christian based missions oriented business as a means to expose old timers (like me…really old!), and first timers to the mission fields of Vietnam.  As english is used very little in Vietnam, I would highly recommend Harvest Field Tours if you desire to do missions there.  It is very well organized: food, night accommodations, and transportation.  Tim and Julia, themselves being from Vietnam (but having lived in the US for many years), and now with a homebase in Malaysia have the know-for-all to make any trip a successful trip.  Of course, traveling in any such country also presents challenges, so one must be prepared for a few glitches now and then.  Please refer to Harvest Field Tours website below and to the right.

We arrived in Hanoi and immediately went to a home where there was a house church.  We had a great time of fellowship…around food of course.  We had worship and prayer and built last relationships with them.  they are a praying church where they do prayer

walks during which they do lots of spiritual warfare prayer.  We had all day there…but that night we got a middle 20th century train for the 8 hour ride to Lao Cai ( a boarder city along the most southern boarder of China).

Upon arrival in early morning at Lao Cai, we had a bite to eat at an under the tent top eatery, then boarded a 12 person van.  We eventually made our way to Sa Pa, a beautiful mountain area (see Vietnam Photos)(about 1 hr. to the southwest of Lao Cai.

While in the Sa Pa and Ta Van area we visited two churches where we were able to minister to the people….and later I had the opportunity to visit with, and minister to, about 15 mountain church leaders concerning Spiritual Growth.  This was one of my favorite times.  We were among the Hmong Tribe where the women continue to ware the cultural clothing (see photo’s at right).  The old lady below saw my fanny pack a really wanted it quite badly.  she was even willing to trade mine for hers.  Yes, that’s right, the one you see on her back made from grass.  I trust she has better success with the next missionary.  Oh! Another thing: she, for some reason unknown to this missionary, she kept trying to get in my pocket.  I do not know what she thought was in there…just a smal suitcase key…  I do not know; but, I was able to escape her grip in a friendly way.

We only spent three days there but it certainly made me want to return as the Lord wills.

We returned to Hanoi the same way we came….an all night train ride.  While there we were with the same family group, where another member of the team and myself went with the local leaders to places of “strongholds” where we did some prayer walking.  We went the main “brain washing” school for children of all ages, temples of many idols, etc.

That night at the house church I was able to share the Word and encourage the people….and pray for them (letting them know that they have our prayer support back home and that they are not fighting this battle alone.

The next day we left Hanoi for Kuala Lumpur (2 nights); then on to Jakarta and the World Prayer Assembly (See above).  Thank you for your continued prayers for WHOM and the other nations in which we travel.  Thank you.  ~Wayne

**NOTE:  Please do go to the Photo’s for more great memory pictures of this unforgettable trip.  Thanks Tim & Julia!


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