How can we help?

How can we help?  Well, all I can say there is that we who are called to a particular area …..e.g. a nation(s) and/or ones ministry calling….is to continue to be obedient to what the Lord is saying to us.  Everything else, and everyone else, is beyond our control….and our responsibility.
My calling is to the nations….Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines are among them. The overall principle theme of the message is to the Church concerning the “Preparation of  The Bride.”  Now, this involves many areas of teaching/preaching in itself.  It is a broad area, so it is important for me to be sensitive to the the Spirit in every area I (we) go to into. Each nation and area has to be treated separately as they are each unique.
I believe the one thing that the Church is lacking is an understanding of “The Fear of the Lord.”  This is why we see, in many  cases, that the church looks no different than the world…..they talk the same, they dress the same, they watch the same trashy movies, play the same wicked video games….and the list goes on.
So, yes, I do have a message for the Church (internationally) whenever and wherever He opens the door for Sarah and I.

Thank you so very much.

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