New Developments for Wayne (VIET NAM)

Mekong Delta Boat travel to Cambodia boarder

THE BOTTOM LINE FIRST:  I (Wayne) did not go to Cambodia with the rest of the group.  Don’t be surprised…God is in control!  Let me retrace the steps.

After we arrived at Chau Doc in the Mekong Delta next to the Cambodia boarder we stayed over night in a hotel.  The next morning we got in a small boat and proceeded up the river and after about an hour, made a left into a large canal heading to the port of entry to Cambodia (about a 3 hr. uneventful but scenic ride).  During this time the tour guide looked at all our passports for processing….whooops!  My passport did not have enough pages left for the ridiculously large size visa stick-on stamps….Vietnam is the same.  In all my travels I have never gotten this type of stamp which takes a full page.  Always a first time, right? I knew I was getting down on pages but based upon all past visa stamps I figured I had enough for one more Asian trip……NOOOOT!   So Sarah, and the other 8 in the group, continued the trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia…….I took the 3 hour boat ride back to Chau Doc with the tour guide….then a 6 hr. bus ride back to Saigon in hopes that the American Consulate was open half days on Saturdays.  Not to despair, I had total peace; so please read on of my thoughts….and developments.


Consulate not open. Operating hours:  M-Th 8:30-11:30 am.
No problem. Will c u in KL   [this changed later ….read on].
I’ve had the joy of the Lord and perfect peace. I asked the Lord for the purpose in all this ….I knew He had one.  He said “survival training”…..seemed strange but He has directed my path as I requested for these past 28 years of doing missions. Met two Australians on the bus; prayed down every idol I saw on the way; got a taxi with the two Aussies to the US Consulate late last night so I would know where it was; went to back packers area…all hotels full; had a Subway sandwitch; went to ATM next door; stepped out, started walking to locate another hotel, went 50ft and a three star hotel…..right in the middle of backpackers paradise! ; went in to check prices but no one at desk (a God thing); turned around saw a white guy at the hotel Internet; asked him if he spoke English …..he was American from NY; on mission to orphanage; asked him about prices etc …then started to just chat… then all of a sudden he invited me to share his room with two beds. At just $30 my share I couldn’t pass up….another God thing directing my path. We had a good time of fellowship. This morning he left on a tour and I went to Coffee Bean across from Consulate …after that went over to check: CLOSED!
End of story. I will do a prayer walk and see what new adventure the Lord has in store for this old farm boy from Idaho…who probably doesn’t deserve such goodness ….but I truly thank Him.
Steve asked me to stay again if need be. PTL.    I’ll get an Air Asia flight back to KL on Monday if possible and meet the team there. That is the same day Steve leaves for US. God is good. Can’t wait to see what He (the Lord) has up His sleeve next.
I found a busy restaurant with very few Westerns so figured it was good (you know…w/o that greasy McD feeling, hehe). Had noodles with veggies and chicken (getting good at chopsticks!). It was very good.

OH MY!  Due to circumstances that had developed I was not able to stay with Steve, so I was able to find a not so nice back-packers hotel nearby ($25/night)…but had no choice at the time late Sat. night.  Sunday morning I got online and found this hotel about 5 blocks from the Consulate….bingo!  I booked it, took a taxi to the location.  It was an excellent hotel….for only $48/night.  Close to good Vietnamese food…..there was also a Pizza Hut across the street.

   Went to the Consulate Monday morning, got pages added at a cost of $82 (nothing free any more); went to airport and caught my pre-booked flight back to KL, then on to Langkawi where I was not only met by my beautiful wife but also four members of the team.  Yes, united again after an exciting and rewarding trip to Viet Nam.

   Sarah and I are on mainland Malaysia (Kulim town) for 1+ weeks doing seminars, and church services, along with visitations for purposes of prayer and encouragement to members of the body of Christ.  Saturday, March 10-17 we will be in northern Thailand.  Stay tuned to this web page for more adventures in the lives of these missionaries.  God bless…and DO, PLEASE, ENJOY YOUR LIFE…LIFE IS GOOD AS WE PUT OUR WHOLE TRUST IN HIM!  

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