Last Few Days in the Philippines

Forgive any typo’s, grammer and sentence structure…..just getting a quick note out without editing.
Yep, been busy.  Sunday service here at Harvest was very good….then went down to where ptr Amos is beginning the house church.  I spoke a short word of exhortation…challenging their faith for the blocks for the new building.  they have the pillars up…no money now.  It takes 1500 blocks and at P11 each it was too much for them.  I asked them if they had P11 in their pockets right now for ONE block….they said yes.  I said , “Then start with one block at a time.”   I then dug in my pocket and took out P120…”here’s the first ten blocks.”
Without asking, Emil gave another P120; then another man did the same….then another  PTL!   Their faith could not see P17,000; but they could see P11…and even P120.  Anyway, you get the picture….needless to say, I had a great time with the people encouraging them in their faith.  Above is one of Sarah’s last ministry days before leaving for Idaho April 26.
Today, Monday, Remy’s father had a family reunion in Qurino Hill…..they wanted me to speak a short salvation message….typical Filipino stuff they want the white man to do…but, I was glad to do it….goes with the territory…uh?
Sarah went home last Thu.   I leave for Manila May 3…..then to Hanoi on May 4th.  May 14 to May 18 I will be at the World Prayer Assembly in Jakarta ( I think Emil decided with the encouragement of his family to join me!).  We both will return to Manila on May 19.  May 20 I will probably speak at Alex’s church in Cavite……..home on May 22. Yes, here I am near last years garden of peppers (cili’s, Filipino), onions, tomato’s, etc.

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