D-DAY + 1

WOW! It’s here.  Tomorrow we leave the Pullman, WA airport at 6:50am with a 4 hour layover in Seattle.  From there we will have a 10 hour flight to Seoul Korea.  With a minor layover we go on to Manila, arriving at 11pm on Jan.11.

Yes, it is a long flight and not a lot of fun….but a small price to pay considering the benefits of being obedient to the Lords call of “Go ye therefore to the whole world…..”

Sarah and I want to thank all of you for your prayer and financial support.  It is precisely that which makes this 27th mission trip possible.  Your faithfulness means a lot to us and it does not go unnoticed.  Our prayers are toward you even as yours are toward us.  Whether one goes as we go or one who stays and prays and supports…..we all reap the same reward because of obedience. Again, THANK YOU.

Please refer back to this page often as it is where all updates will be posted on a regular basis.  Hopefully it will be as though you were right along with us….well, maybe not exactly, but one can pretend.  I know one thing….you will not smell the “smells!”

We welcome your comments on this page or emailing us at wayne@whom43.org.  You can also follow us on Twitter at Wayne Wasem; or on Facebook at Whom Fortythree;  also available is messaging, and webcam Skype at Whom43

Thank you for following us and all the encouragement you give as we set out on this five nation, nearly 4 month journey to the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.  You can also look forward to our schedule and coming events on this trip by clicking on the “Events Calendar” above.  By clicking on any particular date you will be able to see more details of that particular day.  My hope is to also post several pictures on a continued basis.  I trust it will make you more aware of what we are doing and a direction to pray more specifically.

In Christ we do serve,   Wayne & Sarah


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