It’s a beautiful day here at the YWAM Base in Los Angeles, San Jose, Costa Rica.

The sun (and Son) is shining brightly with hardly a cloud in the sky.  This is unusual this time of year as it is the rainy season.  So when this happens everyone is excited and more upbeat.

Things are quite now as I am sitting out on the dining porch overlooking the Base grounds and the chapel where the students are being taught this week on “worship”.  There is a slight breeze blowing so one can hear the leaves of the various kinds of tropical trees making their sounds as if they were praising and worshipping their creator.  The pines (as we are in a higher elevation) are reaching toward heaven more than all the other trees and plant life.  The dogs are lying down sleeping, the goats and horses are grazing grass, and the American children are learning Spanish.

This is the atmosphere that Sarah and I find ourselves in as we await our turn to teach this afternoon.  I’ll have two classes back-to-back.  The first will be on “Effective Team Leadership”, while the second will be on “The Disciples Prayer Life”.

The leadership here at the Base has asked us to take a full five days next year.  This trip has produced many more doors of opportunity to minister to the body of Christ in several different venues.  We are already anticipating our return to Costa Rica next year.  So it is with those who have been called to this type of ministry.

There is always another nation, another people, another tribe, another tongue to reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ!  Though there are mountains to climb, valley’s to crawl, rivers to traverse this gospel must be taken to the uttermost part of the earth… it is written:  “Whom will go for Me?  [And I said], ‘Here am I, send me, I will go for You.”’

THERE are YWAM (Youth With A Mission) bases throughout the world that are understaffed (including the Native American ministry base in our home town of Kamiah, ID); various ministries the world over are crying for help (man power, teaching power, money power)….all aspects, all gifts, are needed to fulfill the CALL of the great commission of our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.  Could that “gift”, that is so unique to only you, be the one needed?

I trust, right now even as you are reading this, that the Holy Spirit is speaking to many hearts to step up to the plate by faith to get involved.  It does not have to be far from home:  Work through your local church…..there are home groups, prison ministry, music ministry, street ministry, pregnancy center ministry….and the list goes on.  There is something for everyone.  “Excuses” are not in the vocabulary of our God and Creator who sacrificed His only Son in order that you and I can finish the work that Jesus started and requires us to FINISH!  That is what He said, “It is finished.”  Now it is our turn to finish….finish the race that is set before us, so it can be said of us on that day when we face our Lord, “Well done you chosen and faithful servant.”

Moses was eighty (that’s right 80) years old when he started!  How old are you?

There is a clarion call going forth to all who have ears to hear……”COME, FOLLOW ME……LISTEN I’M CALLING TO YOU!”


Blessings to all,

Wayne & Sarah, YWAM BASE, Costa Rica

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