It is dark, dreary, rainy, and just above freezing here in our home town of Kamiah, Idaho.  Yes, we arrived safely from our nearly four weeks in Costa Rica, but we were certainly slapped in the face with a different weather pattern. Burrrrr….but we’ll survive.  It REALLY helped our survival ability by spending a couple days with two of our daughters and five grandchildren. That warmed us up somewhat and made it all bearable.  PTL!

We now have just under 60 days to prepare for our yearly trek to Asia.  Beginning about Jan. 10 we will embark on a 5 nation, nearly four month, journey (Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam).

We’ll have more on this in the upcoming weeks.   Let us now go back several days.

As I am sitting here in my comfort chair at our home in Kamiah I find myself reflecting on our last day in Costa Rica.  It was Sunday morning November 6th.  Upon rising at my normal hour of 5:30am it seems to be a normal Sunday.  Though unaware at that early hour I was soon to find out that this was not just a normal Sunday service at Casa de Alabanza (House of Praise).  It was during a powerful praise and worship service that the Lord was impressing upon me that He was going to change the order of the message (as He quite often does).  During this time of worship I began to sense a strong anointing for the prophetic.

As I waited upon the Lord and listening to what He wanted it was strongly impressed upon me that He had a specific prophetic word for not only the leaders but also for the whole church.  Now this was not an “old-time Pentecostal prophecy” with all the “Thus saith the Lord….” terminology.  The last I noticed we live in modern America where “Old King James” is not spoken……oh, um, sorry… of my soap boxes.

No, this was to be a prophetic message to encourage, uplift and confirm to the church that they were on the right track in fulfilling the vision and mission that the Lord had foreordained them…..first to their city (Heredia), their state, their country, and indeed, the nations.  I spoke to them concerning two main things.

First, they were as the Tribe of Asher as was prophesied to this tribe by Moses in Deuteronomy 33:24-29.

Second, that they were being given governmental authority to accomplish the assignment.  Also, that this governmental authority was going to increase (Is. 9:6-7).

There were two parts to this authority: 1.) God’s authority delegated to them as they walk in holiness before Him to accomplish His purposes for the land, and 2.) A special governmental authority would be given to them over all principalities (Eph. 1:19-23) that would be coming against them to hinder this preordained assignment.

The message given was received with gladness of heart by the leaders as it was confirmation to what the Lord had already been showing them.

The prophetic atmosphere that was established during the worship time continued through to the alter call where many came forward for one reason or another.  The American team of Dave and Sandra Beebout, and Sarah and I were simply the vessels the Lord chose to use to encourage the people.  Please read below a sample account of one of those that came forward.  This is as it was sent to me with no editing (remember, these are a Spanish speaking people).

hello Mr. Wasen

 My name is Ivannia.  You pray for me at Casa de la Alabanza in Heredia in your recent visit.

 I just want to thank you for your obedience and your willingness to serve the Lord.

 While I was waiting to receive prayer I asked the Lord, whom should I be pray for and I felt it was you.  Your introductory words were to tell me that your annointing is for teaching and for the prophetic, then I understood why God had me wait to receive prayer from you.  I am also prophetic and a teacher.  You definitely impart on to my spirit from what the Lord has allow you to conquer.

 Following the Lord, specially for some one prophetic, is always a challenge and you always know there is a risk when giving a Word.  I want to tell you the word you gave me was so accurated.  You pray for God to touch me with his healing balm, so that scarves will go away.

 Ever since you pray the deep sorry I was dealing with when away.  I gain hope again and joy was restore to my heart.

 So keep your heart burning with passion for the Lord. May the Lord continue to use you, your wife and friends to strengthen the body of believers.  May He use your gifts and abilities to extend the Kingdom and prepare his bride for the coming King.

 In Him,  Ivannia Wong

I want to thank all who have stood with us in this ministry in their prayers, and finances, (without which this could not be accomplished).  We are humbled to have such a praying group of people.  We have learned that TRUE success in ministry is accomplished only by those who have dedicated themselves to a lifestyle of prayer!

Thank you.

Wayne & Sarah

***Please go to the GALLERY for more pictures of this trip.

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