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It has been quite some time sense I posted an update concerning our mission endeavors.  During the summer months while home in Idaho we are always busy doing the things that most people are doing: home upkeep, gardens, lawns, children, grandchildren, church, church family, summer activities….and list goes on.  You know exactly the format, as you also do the same.  But, along with these activities, we also stay busy in ministry.

We have two church camp-outs; we speak in our local church, as well as in other churches; also, as an advisor to the North Idaho Area AGLOW, we get the opportunity to share.  We take part, from time to time with the Southern Baptist Sunday night Bible study; every Wednesday night we take part in another churches Bible study (Freedom Bible Fellowship). Monday nights we have our own prayer group that meets at WHOM’s “All Nations Prayer and Ministry Center for COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION PRAYER.  On Friday nights this same group of six do prayer walks/drives through the community in order to reinforce our “Community Transformation” prayers. We firmly believe Isaiah 62:6 (NLT) where it says,  “O Jerusalem, I have posted watchmen on your walls; they will pray to the LORD day and night for the fulfillment of his promises. Take no rest, all you who pray.

But now the 2012/2013 foreign mission season has begun for Sarah and I (with the Transformation prayer team continue to be the “watchmen on the walls” back home in Kamiah, Idaho).

At this moment Sarah and I are in our host families home in Heredia, Costa Rica near San Jose the capital.  We arrived in Costa Rica along with our very good missionary friend, Dave Beebout, on October 30 and was driven north to Pital by Dennis and Ana  MacMenamin who has a ministry there.  The place is called Eden…..simply a beautiful location (visit our Gallery on this site).  Without in depth details allow me to give you an overview of our trip thus far:

Sunday Nov. 4  Dave spoke at a large church (400-500) called Genesis, while Sarah and I went to another town, Los Chiles, and spoke in anther church.  Sarah began by sharing briefly out of Psalms 25:14 “The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him…..”  She was unaware that that was the very theme from Malachi 3:16-18 that I was going to minister from.  God is good!

Wed. Nov. 14  We traveled back to Heredia to where we are at present and will remain until our departure for home on Nov. 21.  While here we have been working with Casa de Albanza (House of Praise) as we have for the last three years.  They simply have a fantastic leadership team that has tremendous qualities of organization along with an abundance of communication skills among the leadership team.  In order to have a true team ministry the skill of “communication” coupled with TEAM weekly prayer has become the mark of this local church here in Heredia.  Indeed, these are the qualities that every church should strive for… they are biblical qualities that leads to increase in every area of ministry for glory of the kingdom.

Nov. 8 and 9  from 7pm to 9pm I spoke on, by request, the Holy Spirit:  The first night was on “How To Be Led By the Holy Spirit,” while the second night was on “The Holy Spirit and Baptism,” where at the end several received the gift and were baptized in, and filled with the Holy Spirit….praise the Lord!

Sat. Nov. 10 Dave, Sarah and I conducted a “Couples Seminar.”  It was a casual setting around tables set for a banquet afterwards. Dave Beebout had a great word on key things that make for a strong marriage.  Sarah followed up with a 20 min. exhortation of encouragement. I was to stay in the back ground and support due to the short time we had; but Dave sensed that I was lead the group in prayer.  The method used (without a lengthy writing) was just a powerful time as couples faced each other standing at their tables speaking words of love and affirmation….many with tears flowing.  Afterwards Dave Sarah and I ministered to individual couples.  Though the time was short, all were encouraged; some who were separated were restored!  It was an awesome time for all.

Sunday, Nov. 11 I was given the opportunity to give the message at the church.  I spoke out of Acts 8:26-40.  this was a follow up on the general theme of the importance of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  This message was also live streamed, but when I later looked only half the message was there….technical difficulties I assume.  It can be found at

I trust you were blessed by hearing about what the Lord is doing here in Costa Rica.  I might add that all who pray and give into and for this ministry also has a part in all that the Lord is doing here among His people.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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  1. Hi Wayne and Sarah,
    Thank you for sharing the GOOD report. We are blessed that you are having such a fruitful trip. I know you are a great blessing. Love, Judy and John

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