Wow!  Sarah and I finally arrived in Costa Rica….but not without a challenge or two.  We arrived on the Oct. 13 on time at about 7 pm local time….but, we never landed.  “WHAT?”  Yes……too much fog over San Jose.  The pilot decided to circle for awhile to see if the fog would lift.  One hour later that was a big no.  Fuel was an issue so we flew to Nicaragua. There we waited another two hours sitting on the plane.  The fog  over San Jose still did not lift….and was not going to; so they decided to go to Miami.  That was a 2 1/2 hour flight.  We arrived at 3 am EDT Oct. 14.  They rescheduled the same flight number to depart Miami back to San Jose, Costa Rica for 6 am.  The problem was we had to leave the plane, go through immigration, fetch our luggage, go through customs, then back to the gate.  The airport was under remodel, the distances were far; hence the 2 hours from start to the gate.  We waited at the gate (with a Starbuck coffee, of course) and boarded at about 6 am.  After boarding they had to wait until they had some food onboard.  Finally the plane lifted off at about 7 am.  No rest for the weary uh?  We landed in fairly good weather about 3 hours later.  After Customs, luggage, and Immigration we manage to drag ourselves to the front of the airport.  There we found no one we knew. No Dennis and Ana our ride.  They did not know when we would arrive.  We had no cell phone, knew very little Spanish, could not get the pay phones to cooperate, there was no free WiFi.  I had Dennis’ cell number, but no way to call.  Then we saw a Holliday Inn Airport bus (free ride, right…..right!……and free WiFi!).  The 5 min ride felt good.  Finally we had communication:  Skype using WiFi.   Called Dennis.  Twenty minuets later Dennis and Ana arrived.  IN EVERYTHING GIVE THE LORD THANKS!  PTL.   We fetched Dave and Sandra at 1 pm where they related a story similar to ours above.  Other than sleep we are all ok.  We are now at Eden the project that Dennis had vision for ten years ago.  Keep returning to this to get regular blog updates.  Visit the photo gallery for picture updates also.  Muchas gracias mi amigos y amigas

Wayne & Sarah

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