Cebu Trip, Successful!

Ogtong Resort
Sunrise on Bantayan Island

Outside of where we are staying in the Natividad guest house in Malati, Manila are the typical sounds of the well known public transportation Jeepney, Tricycles, and of course the ever present multitude of taxi’s.  It is in this atmosphere that I find myself writing this update of our southern Philippine journey to Cebu Province from Jan. 13 to Jan. 22.

It all began in typical fashion: a taxi ride through the mass of Manila traffic to the Cebu Pacific Airline NAIA Terminal 3; followed by the normal security checks, obtaining boarding passes, etc..

With slightly over an our flight on an Airbus 320 we arrive at the Cebu airport on Mactan Island. This the place that Chief Lapu Lapu killed Magellian back in the 1500’s.  We were met there by our ever present and faithful guide for the past three years Sis. Jean.  She guided us to the next town south of Cebu City, Minglanilla where we met pastor Edgar and his wife Merci at their home.  They gave us a bed and very good food for the three days we were in the area.  Edgar is the pastor of the Assembly of God Church in Minglanilla.  He had invited us to conduct a leaders seminar on “The Leaders Prayer Life” which was attended by about 40 leaders.  This was followed by a Sunday service at the church.

Tuesday morning arrived and 6am we took a taxi to the North Cebu Bus Terminal where we boarded a bus for the three hour ride to the far northern shore of Cebu.  It’s not an easy trip for us Americano’s.  The bus seats are of the Filipino size, and then there is the fact that there are no rules on overcrowding.  It seems as though there is always room for one more.  It was the “one more” woman who sat in the isle and on my foot (I’m glad Filipina’s are small!).  

We finally arrived at the ferry terminal.  That’s right, it is still not over.  We get our tickets in spite of the mass of people attempting to do the same thing.  We then play the Filipino waiting game. It seems that is the story of all who travel in the Philippines.  Things just do not work very smoothly here.  I must say that it does, if one allows it, to develop patience  and character.  I guess I must need that….ya think?  

We finally board the ferry for the one hour ride to Bantayan Island….but still part of Cebu Province.  It is a very small Island but much beauty (please see our picture gallery for Philippines 2012).  After arrival to the ferry port it is still not over.  Now it is a half hour motorized tricycle ride to Bantayan Town where we will be staying with pastor Roger Diez and family of the Christian Life Church, Assembly of God.  We not only did services and seminars there, but also at a Bapticostal Church with pastor Pepe and his wife Bani.  We also went to another remote church to do an evening service.

One unexpected highlight was Roger and the AG Church blessed Sarah and I with a one night stay at a beautiful beach resort called Ogtong Cave Beach Resort.  We had a great time.  The morning sunrise was spectacular (see Gallery).

It’s still not over.  We boarded another barely sea worthy water craft for Botigues.  This is an extra small Island still part of Cebu.  It is a fisherman’s Island, but it does have a Christian church…a “Holiness” Church.  We did a night service, slept in the church on mats, got ate up by (probably) fleas in the blankets…..but, this is the life of a missionary to third world nations.

We traveled back to the Cebu airport the same way as we came with the same modes of transportation.  How did you like this round trip?  Exciting, uh…..especially the fleas and mosquitos!   

NEXT:  Wednesday we go 2 hours south to Cavite (another Province) for another round ministry.