Hello all,

I trust you had a great summer.  Our summer here at WHOM in Idaho went fast.  We have been very busy with many things….ministry, garden,  yard, house, grandkids, some electrical work…to name a few.

But praise the Lord we made.  Mission season 2013/2014 begins October 29 with three weeks in Costa Rica.  Then the Asian tour begins December 31 and ends somewhere around May 4 to 12.  The Asian countries we will be visiting this trip will be the Philippines,  Malaysia,  Thailand,  Laos,  and Cambodia.

But before all that happens we have a ten day trip to Iowa beginning September 27.  The purpose of this trip is to touch base with, and build relationships with, the supporting churches and people of Sowers of the Living Word Ministries in the Philippines.  Founder Homer Hall has released his position of President over the 19 churches to me.  I am humbled that he had the trust in me for such a task of running this ministry.

I trust that this brief update will help yoin yoir parayer s for us..

Thank you for all your support of this minisrry.

In Him, through Him, and for Him,


Wayne & SarahIin

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