Costa Rica #2

Ministering the word in Pital

Greetings again from Pital, Costa Rica.  We have completed our first weekend of ministry.  Saturday night at Iglesia de Dios (Church of God) our very good missionary friend David Beebout spoke on faith and that the Spirit of God is not far away but indeed, follows us where ever we go.  Dave and Sandra his beautiful wife, and Sarah and I go many places together though when we are in a country like the Philippines or Malaysia we are not always able to be with each other; so it is rather special here in the Costa Rica that we can travel together and share in ministry.

Today, Sunday, Dave and Sandra went back to Iglesia de Dios (where we were Sat. night), while Sarah and I, and our host Dennis (from Grangeville, ID where Sarah and I have our home church), and his lovely wife Ana went to the Pentecostal church which can be seen in the Costa Rica Photo Gallery.

The ministry in both churches was well received with a desire to have us back.  Of course ministry in a foreign land is never better than the interpreters that help us.  We were blessed to have Jorge (George), Alberto (Albert) to do that for us.

I spoke in the area of government….not politics, or secular government but rather the Government of God, and how God is more interested in us knowing “position” rather than “performance”.  We primarily spoke from Is. 9:6-7, Eph. 1:19-23; and Col. 2:9-10

Monday is tomorrow.  This week we will be doing some physical labor to help our host Dennis with some electrical work and painting at his (really the Lord’s) Project Eden.  Some of those pictures can also be seen in the Photo Gallery on this site.

Sarah and I want to thank all you for your prayer and financial support, (which now can be done from the PayPal “Donation” button above, right).

Muchas bendiciones para usted (Many blessings to you).

Wayne & Sarah


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