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World Harvest Outreach MinistriesMonday, November 28th, 2016 at 5:02pm
》Are you a Christian?
♡ Do you love America as it was intended?
■ THEN you may want to look at this 17 min. YOUTUBE by this prophetic man. I and others have seen this also before Trump won.
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World Harvest Outreach MinistriesSunday, November 27th, 2016 at 2:40pm
Not sure why I named this Post like this, but I need some help.
As most of you you know my wife and I have been traveling the nation's for nearly 34 years doing missions work, training leaders, etc..
As a result, we have seen first hand many things dealing with people in general and individually...some good, some bad, and some just downright ugly, (not in looks, but rather in character).
Here's the backdrop followed by the question:
I know an individual who was once good, then turned a little bad, final quite ugly....the final coup d'etat being the steeling of a Bible School, (and several other underhanded maneuvers that were/are not only bad, but ugly too).
QUESTION: Why would anyone want to continue being "Friends" on Facebook with such a one? Does anyone have a good answer to that?
I'm not saying one should ever retaliate or be mean back to them, (I do not believe in an "Eye for an eye"). But to remain "Friends" or have fellowship with such a one is beyond my biblical understanding (Ephesians 5:11).
I mention this because just moments ago this situation has surfaced...and I thought, "maybe I needed some help on this." Let us just say that this is a survey of all various thoughts out in Facebook land.
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Our Thanksgiving dinner at Freedom Bible Church, Idaho, USA.
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World Harvest Outreach MinistriesSaturday, November 12th, 2016 at 6:57am

1 Corinthians 3:1-3 And I, brethren, could not speak to you as to spiritual [people] but as to carnal, as to babes in Christ. I fed you with milk and not with solid food; for until now you were not able [to receive it,] and even now you are still not able; for you are still carnal. For where [there are] envy, strife, and divisions among you, are you not carnal and behaving like [mere] men?
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World Harvest Outreach MinistriesSaturday, November 12th, 2016 at 6:55am
1. Obama, 2008 to 2016
Nation was split, Obama
Conservatives and many most evangelical
Christians didn't like it, but accepted it
with no demonstrations, no anarchy in
the streets. The Liberal Left "Christians"
were happy with no uprisings or name
BUT, now 2016...

2. Election 2016
Nation was split again, but Trump won.
Conservatives very happy...and still no
demonstrations by them. But the Liberals:
angry, even in tears, anarchy in the streets,
the "Christian" Left seems to have lost their
love and tolerance for those who would dare
disagree with them...even to the extent of
forsaking friends. Carnal minds will do this.

But Jesus eluded to this when He basically said, " ..though they were among us, they were
not really with us." John 16:1-3

John 16:1-3 [Jesus said,] "All this I have told you so that you will not fall away. They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you [by words, calling you bigots and other names] will think they are offering a service to God. They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me.